Leston Gordon

"I have not personally met Norvydas. However, from my year of communicating with him, I believe that he's a great person. I can also say from experience he's even a better agent. He wants nothing but the best for his represented athletes. Norvydas shows this in every possible way by using his communication skills. He's always attentive and would give quick responses, watch my games and give feedback when need and he is ALWAYS checking on me to ensure that there was no problem between myself and my teammates or even the staff of the organization. Once thing I'll never forget about my first season under Norvydas is that every week or two my coach would say "I spoke to your agent. He's a really good guy, he want the best for you." In other words, what stood out to me most was his heart and communication skills."

Kyle Steigenga

"After my time as a collegiate athlete came to an end, I was very hesitant about pursuing a professional basketball career. Despite taking a year off to complete my degree, Norvydas continued to stay in contact with me because he believed in my ability to not only play professionally, but to adapt to a brand new culture and lifestyle overseas. Ultimately, it was because of his guidance that I decided to sign with NK Basketball and give professional basketball a chance. Working with Norvydas has been a pleasure thus far as he truly cares about his clients and works to create positive relationships with them. His professionalism and work ethic are second to none. Most importantly, I have come to consider him a friend. Thank you for all you do NK!"

Zygimantas Riauka

"Norvydas is a great agent. I was having problems with my previous agent and he was able to resolve them, place me in a great situation in Germany and boost my career further. Also he has many connections and is willing to work with many different situations. I am very grateful for what he has done for my career."

Alhassan Barrie

"Norvydas is a great agent, but more important an even better person. He always makes time to help out his players, on and off the court. He really cares about his players, he is trustworthy and super reliable. Anytime I had an issue, I knew that I didn't have to worry about it, because I know  that he got my back and will go all out to help me. Playing at the next level is not an easy thing to do, but Norvydas made it a lot easier for me and really put effort in finding me the best deal."

Prince Foster

"Norvydas is a great dude, he got me my first job in Europe playing for Telstar, a National 2 team in Luxembourg. He is very straightforward and he only put you in situation where he believe you will succeed."

Ami Lakoju

"Norvydas has changed my life in so many ways! I have been able to pursue a career in basketball, currently playing in Austria, as well as experience a new culture that I would not have come in contact with without this sport, as well as Norvydas Kliucininkas' dedication to his craft of helping players secure good athletic based contracts to pursue their dreams! Thank You!"

Cameron Hunt

"Norvydas was there for me in time of need. I was in panic mode as I didn't have a job. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about finding a great fit for me. I'm just one year he has got me to the top league of Germany. I am now forever grateful for him."

Ian Gardener

"When I first met Norvydas it was through Instagram. He messaged me asking if I'd been signed yet and at that very moment I was getting ready to accept a job in Portugal. While speaking with NK he told me there was an opening for me in Lithuania and began to elaborate on the great opportunity. Immediately after our conversation on the phone, I knew I wanted to work with him. He was very polite, professional and very honest with me since the beginning & that was very important to me being that this was going to be my first year playing and I needed to trust whoever I would be working with. Norvydas took a chance with me & for that I will be forever grateful for him. Outside of being an agent Norvydas is a very down to earth person with great communication skills and he is very caring and understanding to all of his clients. The little things go along way in this business and I definitely am looking forward to continue building our relationship in the future. Thank you so much NK for the many opportunities and for helping one of my dreams come true becoming a pro."

Stanley Whittaker

"Norvydas is far more than just your typical basketball agent. On top of his great communication skills and professionalism, Norvydas is very hard working, passionate and transparent. He gave me an opportunity when no one else would. His understanding of my situation, as well as his trust in me allowed me to kick start my professional basketball career. He has all the traits required for his fields of work which you do not see often. However, Norvydas far more than a good agent, he's a even better person, and that goes along way. He's true friend!! Thank you NK"

Andrija Matic

"From making highlight tapes after good games to finding you a club when nobody can. Norvydas does it all! He is the players' agent and embraces everything being professional stands for."

David McCulloch

"Norvydas has been amazing since day one. He is constantly checking in on me to ensure that I am comfortable and happy with the position I am in. He genuinely cares about his clients as PEOPLE first, and I am extremely glad that I have someone like him to help me further my career".

Vytautas Kamarunas

"Very professional and most important motivated guy Norvydas, always taking care of his clients in first place. Honest and loyal what is tough to find nowadays in this business."

Grant Johnson

"Bright guy with a big future. Takes his time to understand his clients and works hard for his players. He is continuously learning and building relationships which will not only help him but all his players. He is also available when you need to talk with him. Very personable and professional."

T.J. Wallace

"I met Norvydas this past summer through Instagram. He had direct messaged me asking if I was playing anywhere at the time, which I wasn't. I had been looking for an agent that whole summer, but not playing pro immediately after I graduated harmed my stock. So, that conversation led to a phone call a couple of days later, where he expressed his interest in me signing with his agency and how it may be beneficial to both our careers. His tone was sincere and based on my instincts he seemed to have my best interest at heart, so I agreed to sign during that call. Once we made it official, 3 weeks later Norvydas got me an offer to play for a good club in Lithuania, which I too accepted. At his core, Norvydas is a hard worker that wants his players to live their dreams of playing professionally. He has always been honest with me and that is a quality I highly value in an agent. Overall, I'm glad I signed with him because he took a chance on me!"

Quinton Campbell

"Norvydas is a great guy. From day one of meeting him he's had nothing but my best interest at heart. Not only as a player but also as a person. He always puts his players first and makes sure we are well taken care of before his own needs. He's a great agent and even better person. I'm so glad I have him by my side to help my further my basketball career and create my legacy."

Jason Penn

"After the first conversation I had with Norvydas over the phone, I knew I could trust him. He always wanted the best for me. His communication was great, keeping me updated on new and relevant information. He gave me a different perspective and supported me throughout."

Raheem Watts

"Norvydas is an excellent agent. Really cares about his players and will go above and beyond to make sure they are happy wherever they are. I’m very happy with the work he’s done for me."

Mike Malat

"Super supportive and honest. Always takes time to develop a relationship! Not just a guy trying to sign anyone. Really working super hard to find jobs for players, and the best is he really is a friend! Great experience working together!"

Shelton Jackson

"I've never met an agent whom I could call a friend until I came across Norvydas! Every issue I had I contacted him and everything was resolved within the SAME DAY! He kept contact with me often and gave me peace of mind to go out and perform at the highest level, which in turn put me in position to attract better deals moving forward in my career!”

Povilas Sakinis

“Norvydas helps very much to complete a team. Accurately characterizes all players and presents good video material, statistics and other additional information.”

Raijon Kelly

“Norvydas constantly communicates with the teams and his players. Always willing to help in all situations when needed. Really good at editing highlights and looks for the best situation at all times.”

Virginijus Sirvydis

“Norvydas is not a beginner in basketball. I was surprised that he has a big knowledge about Lithuanian players in all leagues in Lithuania and foreign countries. I communicate with Norvydas three years and I'm satisfied about all players he represented. A pleasure to co-operate!”

Anye Turner

“I have had a great relationship with Norvydas for the last couple of years. He taught me a lot about the process of becoming a professional athlete. His support and loyalty is unprecedented, which has helped our relationship quickly develop into a friendship. His hard work and friendly personality ensures me he'll be a great agent and I'm excited to work with him for years to come.”

Kadeem Green

“Since I have been playing pro basketball, it has been hard for me to come across reliable, trustworthy people that I have enough trust in to work with. Time after time Norvydas has displayed trustworthy characteristics that has given me the confidence to want to work with him moving forward.”

Titus Robinson

“Norvydas is a great person/agent and looks out for the best interest  of the player. He really gave my career a second chance. And made sure everything was alright me and the organization. Very hard working and prompt in communication.”

Ebuka Anyaorah

"I don't see Norvydas is just my agent but also see him as my friend. Not only he is passionate about what he does but he is a great person. And personally I have full trust and confidence in him to help me make the best decisions to further my basketball career."

Johnathan Hudson

“Norvydas helped me get a 1st league job in Lithuania and i owe the rest of my career to him. He put me in a position in the second league and by January i was playing in the first division. I was very happy with the work he did for me to get to Lithuania.”

John Brisco

"Norvydas is a hardworking and passionate individual in my eyes. He has reached out to help me continue to play Professional Basketball. He communicate a lot with me to insure that things are always going good. He also keeps me updated on future plans. I feel like he is the right person for this line of work. Not many agents do the job as good as Norvydas do it. I rate him 5 stars for my experience with him."